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I plan on creating a scene with a desert theme. It'll have sand, with cliffs and worn down looking buildings you might see at abandoned mines.
Here is an image showing a test of a few tiles I am working on. I'm working on the tiles first so that I have a bunch to pick from when I build the scene.

I'll be working on some art assets that I intend to use in a game. I want to spend some time working with Crocotile 3d as a user rather than a developer so that I can get a better feel for what features could be improved, and any other things that may need adjusting.
By showing stuff built with Crocotile 3d used in a game, I hope that will help motivate others to try the program and use it for their own projects. Crocotile 3d doesn't have to be used just for games, but I originally created it with that in mind.

This is something I quickly put together to test some stuff.

Hopefully I'll have some more stuff to show soon.

When you're drawing in 2d, sometimes it is difficult to imagine how it will translate to 3d. If you remove the sense of depth in the 2d image, and allow that depth to be created via the 3d geometry then I think it becomes easier to model with.. I think the same can be said for the opposite way around. In any case, here's an animated gif showing what I'm working with.

So I've been developing Paint tools for Crocotile 3D, so that users can paint onto their tilesets/textures. This helps from having to go into another program to edit an image, and also helps with planning out your texture easily within Crocotile 3D. I originally was going to keep the tools simple, but I got carried away and now it has a full set of tools to make the paint process flow effortlessly. I've been testing it and I still have to tweak some things.. here's an animated gif of a model I am creating while also painting the texture- all being done in Crocotile 3D.

Lately I have been working on implementing Prefab features into Crocotile 3D now that the paint features have been added.
The plan is to make tiles in the scene allowed to be grouped together to form objects/prefabs, and you'll have layers to organize them under. The objects can then be selected and instances of those can be added to the scene. The instances will be editable, so editing one will change all of them.
Everything will be tied into the undo/redo states, so I have to insert a lot of extra code to handle that. When you edit one instance, that change must be able to be undone on all of the instances, as well as be redone, so it can be a bit complicated.


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