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Hi, first of all, i want to give thanks to the developer for this amazing program, is fantastic! and
sorry for my English, is not my native language.

Someone mention in a forum about Crocotile 3D, i saw a few youtube videos and i was amazed how
easy and fast you can build a level, so i give it a try.

Silent Hill 1 is made with tiles textures like ¨most¨ PS1 games, so i decided to try to recreate a portion
of the town to test the program, this is what i got so far:

These are some of the textures ripped directly from the game disc.
The textures resolution are: 256x256 and each graphic is composed by 32x32px

unfortunately i can't buy the program because i don't have the money right now, but im glad with
the results of this program, congrats to Alex!  :D

Hi Giromancy, thanks for sharing this!
I'm not that familiar with ps1 games, since I haven't played that many, but it is cool to see a game level recreated in Crocotile3d.

Im still testing Crocotile 3D and everything works fine atm :)
some minor difficulties with the controls, but nothing important.

This is a short video i made showing the process:

Very cool! Seeing a recording makes it easier for me to understand how others might be using the program. I really appreciate that. One thing I noticed is you were using the context menu to deselect things- you can also press ctrl+d to deselect (press once for verts and second time for faces). Might be easier than having to open the menu.
I also want to add more features/tools to make certain tasks easier that might otherwise be repetitive. Once the new keybinding system is complete I will be able to start on those things.
Thanks for the video! :)

Here is an update:

Silent Hill 1 - 3D Tile Map (TEST) #2

Im starting to export each building to Unity 3D, hope to everything works fine. :)


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