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This program looks really cool, is it still in active development?

other question would be, I know you can save to an obj file.. does it create planes or boxes? I'm interested in using the stuff i create for a game, and was just wondering if i could create collision off of the results.


I use to spend all my time developing it, but I've had to try to get other things moving as well. I want to continue developing it, but there are various realities I'm facing that make it difficult at the current moment. I hope people can be understanding of that. This doesn't mean that I won't update it- just that it might take a while.
In crocotile3d, everything is basically a square tile (two triangles). When you export to obj, there is an option to merge the vertices. As for creating collision boxes, I'm not sure what the standard method for those are. In my own game experiments, I have created an object in the scene that I can hide/show, and place tiles in it where I want collisions, floor, etc. I then exported that object to obj, and used that to test collisions against.
That's how I would do it- split your scene up so that you have a specific object that holds a bunch of tiles that will be checked for collisions, etc.

I understand the need for you to work on other things, I was just making sure it was an ongoing project instead of something dropped from the devs interest.

As for the obj's use.. I'm looking into Unity, which has a mesh collider, so I was wondering if the exported obj would allow the collider to work correctly.  The main use I was exploring was the ability to utilize Unity's navmesh, which can use the objects in a scene to create the nav. I know it can use the colliders, or the actual objects, I was just wondering if that worked.

I really like the look of crocotile3d, but i'm not sure i'm advanced enough to fully use it (my art isn't quite up to par), but if it was a shortcut to creating blocked-in levels for use in collision (using the built-in objects in unity is a pain) then it would indeed be useful

Oh okay.
I did a quick test (I never tried this before)
Seems like it works- here's a screenshot attached:
is that what you are asking about?

the definitely looks like it's working. amazing! i believe that would make it a much better route for creating levels then in unity proper or (how i've currently been quickly making stuff. by exporting cube2 maps (an opensource fps that has in-game editing) to obj! consider me sold!


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