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Well, I have a lot of screenshots of the actual game, but not many with Crocotile assets just yet.. It quickly became the perfect companion tool for creating the 3D assets in my game, so I can drop a few random screenies of my Crocotile work every now and then :) So far, I have only used it to compliment a lot of my existing tiles, or pulling my own tiles into Crocotile to reorient objects. I have some texture work to do, since I am not particularly the most amazing artist, but I am very happy with what your software allows me to do for my project!

Nice! I like what I see already.  :)
Good to hear that you are enjoying the program.
It's always cool to see crocotile3d assets being put into projects- Thanks for sharing this!

I finally get some time to work on some objects today, so I will probably be messing with some of the objects on this map to refine them a little haha. I'm really enjoying building objects and drawing the textures straight onto faces. It's reminiscent of an old modding tool I used growing up that just let you apply textures straight onto individual faces of an .obj file, rotate, reorient, etc.

Glad you dig the pictures! I have mostly just thrown together a few simple objects to get my scaling and orientation proper with a bunch of test shapes, so there's nothing super detailed yet.. While the bulk of my time is spent on the rest of the project instead of detailed assets at the moment, I figured I'd share some of what I've done!

Cool, yeah that is a good way to go about it- working with rough generalizations first and refining them later as you get a larger perspective on everything and know where more detail is needed. Reminds me of how artists generally work to create their art. Looks good so far!

Took a little bit of a break to get back to working on the rest of the project, but I finally had a chance to play with Crocotile some more and figured out a few things I had missed which is sucking me right back in. Did a few buildings and trees to test out some sizing and testing out some new textures on my placeholder objects, but I cannot stress how much I love your program.


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