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Mrmo Tarius:
Okay, I've been playing with Crocotile for about a week now, and I have to say I LOVE IT :D
I've got the basics down (camera control, tile placement, vertex and face operations, adjusting UVs etc) and here's some results (sorry for huge pics!) :)

Unfortunately, my tablet/laptop hybrid has troubles dealing with more than 300-400 tile scenes, but I can work on my main workstation no problem :)

Wow! those are amazing. I agree, you have a great handle on it.
That robot is really cool, I'd love to see more.  :)
It's also nice that you rigged and posed them, I think these are the first examples that I've seen someone do that!

Mrmo Tarius:
Here's more robots :)

I made the smoke trails externally, and then I had a thought, why bother modelling smoke when I can improvise? Here's an experiment in that, too!

Are you making these for a specific project or is it just for fun?
yeah, that improvised smoke is a good idea.

Mrmo Tarius:
I'm just practicing and learning, it's very interesting and it fits really good with my obsession with tilesets :D

I'm currently working on a race scene!


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