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'Neophyte question' No texture in imported objects using unity


Hello everyone,  :)

I'm messing around with crocotile 3d and having fun so far!

I did diferent object and I would like to put them together using Unity.

I am a complete neophyte and I dont get how to export my 3d models with the texture in Unity, I have a friend who is helping me with the programing but for starters I'm just trying to put it together. i can see my model in unity but its blank, there is no textures over it.

What settings should I use?

Hope you can help me, thanks in advance.


PS: English is not my mothertongue, sorry for any misspellings.

I think you can drag the texture files into your Unity project, then create a material, assign the texture to it and then drag the material onto the OBJ file.
Something along those lines- where you are creating materials that use the textures and the obj models will be using the materials. The materials can also have other settings adjusted like the texture sampling.
Hope that helps.

Thank you for your quick answer, gonna try it!

I'll let you know.



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