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Hi community!
I am unable to export scene nor objects , I get the windows to choose the object to export and options , but when I click export , nothing happens.. I am using the 1.2.7 version .
 What could it be? Thanks for the help in advance!

Thanks for letting me know about this. It looks like it is a bug with the new version of nwjs that was adopted for crocotile3d 1.2.7
I will create a workaround for this bug to solve the issue and I'll get an updated version of crocotile3d available soon as possible!

I've uploaded new windows and linux builds (v1.2.7b) to the itch page, so you can download that now to fix the issue. I'll have a mac build in a few hours when I get access to a mac computer.

edit: mac build is also available now.

Thanks Alex!! that Solved the problem!!

Export from crocotile to unreal engine 4 - JUST AMAZING!!!


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