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This is not part of an ongoing project, I just like the thought of designing a bedroom. Today I made a bed, that is based off of what's called a loft bunk bed. With some advice that is able to make the camera work with one hand and I was able to do this despite having only one workable arm.

I don't plan on doing anything fancy or making something like a game but after all this furniture floor shopping I felt inspired to come up with my idea of what my character's bedroom would be. So here is the bed finished. I think this one would take the longest. I also have plans for a chair, couch, ceiling fan, bookcase (I haven't decided if it will be a furniture piece or a cubby in the wall), piles of books, potion bottles, and little decorations of the place looks lived in. I think I'll even make some stuffed toys. Some of these will be two-dimensional of course.

As mentioned I have a splint on my right arm so I feel quite proud of what I've accomplished. My right arm is splinted up past the elbow in my palm faces the ceiling. So I had to do all of this work with only one hand. Fortunately my splint comes off Monday and then I start therapy.

Nice work :) It's inspiring to see someone create stuff using only one arm, you must have a lot of patience and determination. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you make, and I hope your arm gets better soon.

Thank you. The path to recovery is still going to be several more weeks. But in the meantime it's really fun to work with this program. I'm getting much faster with it and the use of WASD controls really helps because it's easy to do with my left hand.

This morning I've made a chair, a couch, and a chest. I will probably make more pieces today. I'm storing them as objects for when I want to arrange them. I'll probably want to keep the chair out so that I can get a sense of scale.


I made a little ceiling fan, rug, and a bunny cube. The bunny cube is based off of a plush toy that is a bunny-like cube, but I decided to make it look a little more sassy. The next things I want to make are some decorative suitcases, piles of books, and maybe some decorative pillows. Everything after that should be 2-D, then I can assemble the bedroom.

I like it! It will be cool to see how everything comes together. Having everything as objects so you can arrange them easily later is a good idea.


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