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Todo List
« on: May 26, 2015, 08:16:00 PM »
In no specific order:

Skyboxes/backgrounds implemented
Active selection mode(editing only the active faces) implemented
Align verts(quick method to round a bunch of verts to current rounding level)
min/max space setting
brush presets(implemented)
double sided tile option(implemented)
Orthographic projection implemented
lowpoly to highpoly subdivisions
tile outline option / show mesh
gui improvements
3d gizmo and view cube (gizmo implemented; arrows on crosshair)
2d sprite entities
flood fill action(apply tile uv to multiple faces)
Japanese localization
linux(now available!)
refresh tilesets(implemented)
group tiles(implemented)
layers/sub layers(implemented)
pad UVs/Tilesets option(implemented)
animated tiles
internal resolution settings/aspect ratio(implemented)
terrain generation
vertices brush displacement tool (push,pull verts)
vert flattening/averaging tool
paint snap tool (place tiles at different angles)
merge verts export option(implemented)
modifier key for rotating objects clockwise/ccwise(implemented)
jump crosshair to object origin(implemented)
export if scene consists of only objects(implemented)
export option to keep groups/names(implemented mtl files)
+other stuff!
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