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Hello, I'm Kyle Latino.  My friends and I are working on a puzzle dungeon game based on my webcomic, .  We started with voxel graphics, but heard feedback the levels and monsters were illegible, which I had to agree.  So we came to Crocotile3D to make our assets.  We are currently working with a level design method that imports maps noted in XLM spreadsheets, then interprets them into the 3D modular assets in Unity.  We are running into problems with the appearance of these seams between the cubes that make the floors and walls.  Any suggestions on this problem would be welcome.

We are going to use sprite graphics for characters and monsters, and Crocotile3D for the rooms and such.  Really looking forward to making more complicated scenes that aren't made out of only cubes.  Haha


Hi Kyle,
The sprites look great! The first two images don't show up, unfortunately. Seems like they're hosted on slack, which requires viewer to be logged in to your slack channel.
Are the seams within a single model, or are they between separate models?

If I have the opportunity to try to work the way you do once.

It's a really good job. It is very useful. It helped me a lot.


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